There are several different species of moths in Denmark.

The ones that cause the most damage to clothes, textiles and foods are; brown house moths, flour moths, clothes moths and single-spotted clothes moths.

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Moths in Denmark

There are several different species of moths in Denmark.

The ones that cause the most damage to clothes, textiles and foods are; brown house moths, flour moths, clothes moths and single-spotted clothes moths.

Here, you can read a general description of the different insects, how they live, where you will typically find them, and how moth control is best carried out.

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Frømøl: Du skal tømme dine køkkenskabe – og skuffer helt for både madvarer og køkkengrej inden vi kommer. (Tingene kan fx placeres på køkkenbordet eller spisebordet og kan sættes retur i skabene efter behandlingen)

Køkkenskabe og skuffer rengøres inden vi kommer. Vær særligt opmærksom på hylderhuller. Disse kan med fordel renses med en vatpind.
Inficerede madvarer kasseres eller fryses ved -18 grader i minimum 72 timer.
Alle rørgennemføringer, teknikskabe o.lig skal være tilgængelige.

Klædemøl: Du skal efterse og tømme dine klædeskabe o.lig. Inden vi kommer. Tøj og tekstiler kan puttes i tætlukkede plasikposer og vaskes ved minimum 60 grader inden det igen kan lægges i skabene. Tøj og tekstiler kan ligeledes fryses ved -18 grader i minimum 72 timer, hvis det ikke tåler vask.

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5 quick questions about moths

In Denmark, the most common types of moth are the clothes moth and the brown house moth.

The extent to which you can get rid of them depends on how thoroughly you tidy up, sort out and clean the contents of your house.

A fully grown moth can fly. This means that they can cover long distances. Often you will find that moths migrate from unit to unit in storage facilities.

Moth larvae can be between 5 – 10 mm in length, depending on the species.

It is important to clean your house thoroughly. What you need to get rid of are the moth larvae, as it is these that gnaw holes in your textiles. Then, you need to buy an insecticide that is designed to kill moths. Repeat the treatment multiple times. Try freezing clothes and textiles for up to 5 days. This will kill the larvae. Glue traps may also be effective.

Quick response when you need help.

At Absolut Skadedyrsservice, we understand the importance of a quick response for our customers, both private individuals and businesses, when it comes to pest control. That’s why we prioritize fast response times for our services.

In case of sudden pest problems, we provide prompt pest control services. The specifics of the response are individually arranged and primarily cater to food-related businesses.

Moth species

There are a number of different species of moths in Denmark. Below, you can read a short description of the 4 most common ones. If you wish to read more about the individual species, click onto our guide on pests. Here you will find more detailed material that also includes information on white-shouldered house moths, almond moths and the Indian-meal moth.

The beautiful, bronze-coloured brown house moth is the largest of our Danish species of moth. It can grow up to 1.5 cm in length, and can lay approx. 500-600 eggs in its ideal environment.

The brown house moth prefers granary and seeds, where the moth larvae can find plenty of food. The problem with brown house moths is that they also attack cotton; in other words, textiles. Read more in-depth information on brown house moths.

Moths in foods

There are two species of moths that cause damage to food – the Indian-meal moth and the flour moth. Both of these species attack granary, cereals, dried fruits, almonds and nuts in the kitchen.
These two moth species lay between 200 and 400 eggs; normally directly in the food. Then, the newly hatched larvae enter the food. You can also find the eggs in cracks and crevices.
We help you get rid of moths.
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The winter is soon over, so now you can look forward to arriving at your holiday home and checking the furniture for moths. But avoid all that by getting rid of them long before that.

Keratin is the nutrient that moths live off and it is found in materials such as wool. Moths also love fur and feathers, since both contain keratin. Moths are often seen flying freely around the house, and can often be found in musty, closed-off rooms since this allows them to breed and lay their eggs in peace.

The majority of the eggs are extremely fragile, and will die once you vacuum or wash your clothes. If you have noticed moths in your carpets, start off by giving it a good beating. The moth eggs will not survive. If you have moths in furniture textiles, you can again simply start by beating them. When moths and moth larvae get into textiles, they eat it from the inside out and lay their eggs as deep inside the textile as possible.

Moth control

It is nearly impossible for the private individual to fight moths, since you cannot buy an insecticide with long-term effects. Effective moth control requires experience and, as a rule, the smartest thing to do is to contact a pest control service to eradicate your moth problem.

You need to allow for 2-3 treatments at intervals of 14 days.

Absolut Skadedyrsservice has the necessary professional expertise needed to perform pest control on moths and pests in general.

Contact us for guidance and a quotation for moth control.

All products we use are approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and they are odourless, you so you can be back in your home just 10 minutes after the treatment has been carried out.

Moths can also be eradicated with something as simple as a flyswatter. Often, you´ll know you have moths because you´ll discover holes in your clothing or you´ll see them flutter around the house.

In the case of the latter, it´s just a case of grabbing a flyswatter and hunting them down. Once you´ve got rid of those, you need to tackle the larvae; because where there are moths, there are most certainly larvae.

Good tips for moth control

You can buy liquid remedies for moths and their larvae. These can be applied to surfaces in cupboards and on upholstery fabrics etc.

There are also sprays you can use against moths. These are also effective against flying moths.

If you wish to get rid of any moths in your clothes, try freezing your clothes and blankets. The cold from the freezer will kill off both the moths and their larvae. However, they need to be frozen for at least two days or more at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius minimum. This is also why a cold winter with harsh, frosty weather is the moth’s worst nightmare. If you know a nice cold night is on the way, put your furniture and carpets outside overnight. Bring everything back inside during the day. Repeat the procedure the next night. This contrast between the heat and the cold will kill both the moths and larvae.

Professional pest control against moths

Do you problems with moths? Then why not call us and hear more about the pest control options we offer. If you´ve already noticed them in your home or holiday home, you need to do something about it now. For your own sake. Remember to check second-hand clothes for moths, eggs and larvae, so you don´t bring any unwanted guests into your home.

We can help. Our remedies are extremely effective, but are not harmful to people or the environment. You can call us via phone or Skype any day of the week to arrange moth control.

Absolut Skadedyrsservice has been eradicating moths effectively and professionally since 1985, and, today, we have 6 professional employees who carry out moth control in Copenhagen and Herlev and the surrounding area. We provide our services all across the country.

We hope you´ll never need our services, but if you do, we´re ready to help with effective moth control, so you´ll never find moths in your clothes again.

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