Long tailed silverfish have been observed in the building and treatments / preventive treatment against long tailed silverfish is going to be carried out.

Your home must be treated all four times regardless of whether you have observed long tailed silverfish or not. The treatment does not cause unpleasant smells and it is safe for humans and pets. However, humans and pets must not stay in the home during the treatment itself.

It is essential that Absolut Pest Control has access to all homes within the specified time period. If you cannot be home yourself, please make sure someone is there to let us in. The key could possibly be left with a neighbour or a caretaker or maybe it can be placed in a caretaker mailbox.

Treatment of long tailed silverfish

See this video that shows how the treatment is done.

Læs om arter af kakerlakker man typisk møder i Danmark

When your home is being treated for long-tailed silverfish

Treatment is carried out all along the skirting boards, therefore, if it is possible, please ensure that the skirting boards are freely accessible. Wherever possible, furniture placed against the walls should be moved approx. 50 cm away from them.
You must vacuum the entire home thoroughly, especially along the skirting boards, just before each treatment. On the days between treatments, avoid vacuuming right up to the skirting boards.
You must empty your kitchen cabinets – and drawers completely for foodstuffs and kitchen utensils before we arrive. (Items can be placed on the kitchen or dining room table and put back in the cupboards after the treatment.)
You must inspect and empty your wardrobes and the like before we arrive. Clothes and linen can be stored in tightly closed plastic bags and washed at a minimum of 60 degrees before it can be put back in the wardrobe.
Both foodstuffs and clothing that cannot be washed, can be placed in the freezer at minus 18 degrees for a minimum of 72 hours.
We must have access to all pipe penetrations, technical cabinets and the like in the home.
Do not clean thoroughly immediately after the treatment. Do not wash or clean the treated areas. We also recommend that you do not wash the floor all the way up to the skirting boards during the entire treatment period.
When you have long tailed silverfish, we recommend that you regularly pour boiling water into all drains. Preferably 4-5 times a week.
You should completely refrain from using other insecticides during the weeks when the pest control is carried out.

Information on long-tailed silverfish

Long-tailed silverfish are related to the well-known silverfish that you will often spot in the bathroom or other places in your home where it is humid. But long-tailed silverfish are more unpleasant to have in your home than silverfish. Long-tailed silverfish – in contrast to silverfish – spread to the entire home, and it is not unusual to find them in your laundry basket, behind bookcases, in kitchen drawers, cupboards or even on your bed. In other words, there are no places where the long-tailed silverfish will not hide. While silverfish can grow up to 1cm in length, the long-tailed silverfish can reach up to 2 cm in length.

The long-tailed silverfish has long antennae and thread-like tails as long as its body. A long-tailed silverfish can live for up to 7 years during which time it can lay as many as 150 eggs. During its lifetime, the long-tailed silverfish goes through various stages, and in the beginning, they can be quite small and therefore easy to mistake for silverfish. This is one of the reasons why you do not always discover that you have long-tailed silverfish in your home. Another reason might be that long-tailed silverfish tend to stay out of the light and are more active during the night

Information about the treatment

The treatment against long tailed silverfish is carried out by placing insecticides in the form of small drops of gel in strategic places in the home. This is especially under skirting boards, in kitchen cabinets and drawers as well as in wardrobes and drawers, along piping and technology cabinets that create a connection between apartments.

The insecticide gel is called Maxforce Platin, a specifically designed insecticide for long-tailed silverfish. It can be used in most indoor environments and is ideal in places where spray treatments are unsuitable, as it does not create respirable aerosols, it remains solid and does not evaporate into your indoor air.

In addition to the application of insecticidal gel bait, long tailed silverfish traps containing a bait are set up. The traps contain siris flour to attract the long-tailed silverfish, so that we can control the activity level. The traps must be left in place throughout the treatment period and will be handled by the technician at the next treatment.


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